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Sunday, February 20, 2011


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Ever have one of those moments when you realize it is far better to bite your fucking tongue in half than to say something crude like, "Hey, why don't you shut your whore mouth and go finish playing with your Tammy Faye starter kit." or, "Hey, why don't you shut your whore mouth cause you're sucking the intelligence out of the dog." or, "Hey, why don't you shut your whore mouth and go try to spell some big words like OMFG,"?
I am really fed up with people, and I use that term loosely since to be a "person" you should probably have a conscience and a pulse and say...more intelligence than a fucking hamster, but I digress... I am really fed up with sheeple telling me in no uncertain terms that I am an idiot. I do not, and have NEVER claimed to be an expert on anything. BUT...I do know a thing or two about a thing or two. Like, how to spell REAL words. And since I was raised by a woman that ran our local animal shelter for the whole of my early years, I do know how to train and rehab a dog so it can function in society and a family home. I learned that you should establish EARLY who is Alpha. As in  PACK LEADER. If you are a dog and I am a human you are NOT Alpha. I am. There are various exercises to establish this. One being tug of war. With a bone, a toy, whatever. You should grasp  it firmly and pull hard and maybe even growl a little, but do NOT let them have it and in essence "win". Then they think they are Alpha and will piss on your rugs.
families are not unlike packs of dogs, or wolves. I am not ALPHA in my family, our Alpha died and since then the pack scattered and was broken. I am CERTAINLY not ALPHA in his family, nor do I EVER want to be, but I will be damned if some vapid little fake and bake is going to try to...ANYWAY. It all started over a dog and me playing tug of war with it. I am people. It was DOG. She is stupid.