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Monday, January 31, 2011


Keep in mind that the following rant IS the voice of experience talking. We've been there, done that and got all of the emotional and financial scars to prove it.

I am finding myself more and more confused by the actions of so called "adults" that I know, read about, hear about, etc. I don't understand what is so friggin' hard to understand. There are OBVIOUS discrepancies in basic human functioning here. I mean, seriously? Can you do basic math? Like 2+2=4 and 10-5=5? Then you should be able to balance your f'ing checkbook and avoid the embarrassment of bouncing checks. I mean, if you have $400 in your account and write a check for $150 and mail it to the appropriate agency, you cannot then go spend $300 on other things before you either #1. Get more money into that account or #2. GET MORE MONEY INTO THAT ACCOUNT. You WILL bounce that check. Simple addition and subtraction folks. Not rocket science. If it takes a week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks or more for that check to clear, ya still need to factor that check in! DUH! Don't get mad cause you screwed up. it's not the banks fault, nor the agency owed that moneys' fault. It's yours ass-bag. Own it. Fix it. Move on.
ALSO, I find it mind-f'ing-boggling to hear people bitch and moan about being broke and having no money for food and utilities YET... they drive 2 vehicles that are pretty high end, or they have a COMPLETE cable TV package, or $500 cell phones with $300 plans just so they can go on The Internet ON THE PHONE, or a problem with Keeping Up With The Jones'. I am not talking about the folks that bust their rumps and can afford these things. I am talking about the people that CANNOT afford them and know it and STILL bitch that they have no money! We got rid of our data plans...that's $30+ a month ($360+ a yr) we didn't need to pay. We don't need to go on The Internet with our phones. We need to make phone calls with them. We also cut back on our eating out. And I figure spending $60-$80 a week or twice a month for ONE meal was crazy! If I am spending $200+ bi-weekly for groceries $80 seems a bit much. I am just SICK of hearing the bullshit excuses! Certain things are necessities like food and heat. Data plans and a video game console or two in every room...not so much. If you can pay for the important things like food, water, heat, and shelter... then you took care of the important stuff. IF you have $$ left over AFTER the bills are paid and ALL the checks have cleared....THEN you can go have some fun. A good friend of mine once said (Thanks E!) , and I am paraphrasing here, If you don't tell your money where to go it will leave you. DUH. Grow up. Own your mistakes. Quit trying to keep up with people who are more than likely in debt up to their friggin' eyebrows. Stop. Just stop. Take stock. Trim the fat. Trust me, it's easier this way.

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