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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The things we carry...

I read a short story for English Comp. a few years back called, "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. It's about a platoon of American soldiers in Vietnam. It talked about the physical, emotional, and psychological burdens they all carried with them. It struck a chord with me then and still does. It gets me to thinking of the things we all carry. Each and every day. Tokens, trophies, scars. Of our battles and triumphs. Some of them are clearly visible as marks upon our bodies. From childbirth, surgeries, accidents, drunken falls that scraped elbows or knees.  Others, well, they are there to be sure. But they are the ones that no one else can see. Or feel. Our secret burdens. The things we carry on the inside. Hidden. Buried. Sometimes threatening to bubble up through the dark and murky waters of our hearts and thoughts to try and drag us under for awhile. Yet we plod on. One step at a time. One leaden foot in front of the other. Until hopefully, we find a place where we can lay those burdens down. Even if only for a brief moment. For a split second of rest before we must take them up again. Strap them on. Tie them down. Shove them back behind the wall. Before anyone sees.

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