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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How The Jersey Shore is ruining life as we know it.

Isn't is obvious? I mean really? GTL? WTF?!?! Why are these vapid assholes getting paid to be vapid assholes? Why is this such a popular show? Someone want to pay me to stay at home and homeschool THE BOY who has a processing disorder that makes it REALLY difficult for him to get the directions the first or tenth time they are given? Nope...not even the great State of New Jersey. I don't qualify for unemployment. Because i left my job for personal reasons... taking THE BOY out of public school because he was falling so far behind he was basically back in 1st grade. Because he was TERRIFIED of getting on the bus because of the kids telling him he is a faggot that fucks dead people. Because he was afraid to tell anyone this was happening because the kids were also in his class and would kill him if he told (they told him they would.). Because he was miserable and sad and getting to the point of SEVERE 11 yrs old. Because the school did NOTHING about it and broke every promise they made and I was tired of getting phone calls EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So I left my job to educate my special needs son and I paid into the Unemployment Insurance EVERY paycheck but I am not eligible for the insurance I paid in to. BUT there are people working under the table AND collecting unemployment. And the ASSHOLES on The Jersey Shore are making tens of thousands just for showing up to places. It pisses me off that fake bakes, fake tits, too much hair product, and nasal voices are getting rich off of being total DOUCHES, but I, as a responsible mother who is lucky enough to have a husband that makes enough $ in his low paying GOVERNMENT job (19 yrs of service and he gets shit for pay) that enables me to stay home and educate and rebuild my son's self esteem, get NADA. So, up yours Jersey Shore Fucks. And The State of NEW JOY-ZEE. And the fungus screwing the system. Thanks for everything.

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