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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clowns to the left of me...Jokers to the right...

Here I am...stuck to an ornament with glue. No lie...that happened last night. I keep telling the hubster that he really should not let me near anything that could be permanent but, you know men. Now I am a few layers short of skin on a finger or two but none the worse for it. Today I had the BRILLIANT idea to do a solar system model with THE BOY. Easy right? Make it a mobile so he can hang it in his room when he is done. HA! NOT easy! Sure I coulda bought the pre-fab kit where all he had to was stick the pre-molded and pre-painted balls of plastic to their matched little sticks, but come on...where is the fun in that? So I did buy a kit with the different sized balls of styrofoam and wooden dowels cause it was cheaper than buying bags of multisized balls that I won't need the leftovers of! Then we bought little tubs of tempera paint. And off we went to make this thing! Now I am a FAH-REAK when the kids have a project...I usually end up taking over while they watch forlornly from a corner. Not today. Today I am letting him paint his own planets whatever color he wants. He is following the guide, more or less. So the colors are close...we forgot to get yellow so the sun is more of a peachy orange but WHATEVER! He is making a terrible mess. Styrofoam balls tend to shred tiny bits of themselves whenever you touch them so that's everywhere. Also it's amazing how much paint a 1 inch styrofoam ball can absorb. BUT he is doing it himself and having a blast. AND talking about each planet as he paints it! AWESOME! Tomorrow he may not be as enthusiastic when he finds out about vocabulary and math, but for today he is happily doing school work. And I'll take it!

Side crocs I ordered FOREVER ago FINALLY came today! Now my feet are all toasty warm in my flannel and furry lined clogs and I will be toasty warm in my snow boots!

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