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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My husband has a GINORMOUS family. So big that they rotate Thanksgiving every year. Like it's in a different house, sometimes a different state. (only PA which is like 20-30 minutes so relax!) One day we, in our teeny little love nest, may be thrown into the fray. I am hoping that will be a LOOOOOOOONNNNGGG time off. ANYWAY... we got a free turkey from the grocery store. Which really wasn't free seeing as how I had to spend $300 on groceries in a specified time. But since we are not in the fray...into the freezer it went. Now I am sad. I LOVE turkey. Like LOVE LOVE. So the fact that there will be no turkey smell in my house nor leftovers for creamed turkey, turkey potpie, turkey sandwiches, etc... has me sad in the bits. So I have decided that we will be doing Thanksgiving PART DIEUX on my birthday. That's right a week and 1 day after Thanksgiving I will be spending my 34th baking a turkey and making all the sides. My egg donor and her Bill (I love them both but it's complicated...and by egg donor I hope you know I mean my biological mother. It sounds better than Bio-Mom. That just sounds weird.) are flying in from FL to see us and his family so I want to make a turkey. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE TURKEY! And Scott LOVES turkey and candied yams and dirty mashed potatoes (skins on...get your mind outta the gutter...just because that's what he calls...NEVERMIND!), and pumkpin dutch apple pie, and homemade cranberry sauce...and hot buttered rolls! Wow...this is my food porn. Yep.

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  1. Jen, Jen, Jen,
    This is a small family. On my father's side, I am the youngest of 25 cousins, who are all older than me. They're all married, so that's 50 people right there, not including all of their children. As far as the rotation goes, Ive been avoiding it for years. Lol. When it wasn't my mom's turn, she would make her own turkey dinner on the following Sunday so that she could have all of those yummy leftovers. See ya Thursday. Good luck with your Birdday.