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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grey hairs and Lady Fingers...

I realized today after my haircut that I have a few grey's popping up. Not a ton...just a few, but where there are a few there will be more! And you know what? I could care less! I am actually happy to see them. It's like a badge of all I have been through. My trials. My victories. My failures. I am also hoping that with the coarse nature of grey hair that I will FINALLY have the hair I've always wanted! I know it's delusional, but a gal's gotta have something!
Enter the Lady Fingers... I LOVE them. Almost as much as cake. Not as much...but almost. Lady Fingers means Tiramisu...which we will be making tomorrow... you know Italy...Colombus...New World? Oh, wait... that was Spain. Shit. This homeschooling thing is harder then I thought... ;)

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