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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Bliss...

So it's that time of year and already the hubs is Grinching. Let me explain...he HATES how commercialized Christmas has gotten. He HATES shopping. He HATES how things like Black Friday bring out the ugliest in people. While watching the news and witnessing a man get TRAMPLED at a Target, I thought he was going to bust a vein. Whilst he stood there spluttering I removed all throwable things from his vicinity. We then had a discussion about the true meaning of Christmas. I LOVE shopping for my family. I LOVE finding the perfect gift and giving it. I LOVE baking and decorating and singing carols and making cards. AND spending time with my husband and kids whilst doing all those things! He Grinches me every year. EVERY.YEAR. He gets all pissy and scowly and is a general pain in the ass. I understand how much he HATES the bullshit. I HATE it too. But that is not what it is about for me. I am closest to my mom at this time of year. I feel her in every ornament on the tree, every sugar cookie cut out, every carol sung. I LOVE the look in my children's eyes when they see lights on houses and Santa in a chair asking if they have been good and giving them a candy cane. I LOVE putting up my North Pole Village houses and getting them just so and lighting them up. We decided to SEVERELY tone down the gift giving this year. We bought some things the kids REALLY wanted. Like the 11 yr old asked for an "AM/FM alarm clock with 6 soothing sounds" No lie. He asked for that. So we got him an AM/FM alarm clock with 20 soothing sounds. That should be interesting! The little one wanted a few video games so that was cake. Every year they pick out and purchase an ornament for each other. It takes forever but it is great to watch them search for the PERFECT ornament for their brother. It's the little moments. The laughter. The singing carols. The flour coating every surface in my kitchen. The sugar highs from the icing. THAT is what my Christmas is.

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