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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Because I drink too much...

I TOTALLY just realized that I CANNOT spell at all or remember to use THE SPELL CHECK when I've had a few. But boy, stuff sure does seem funnier! Like the hubs doing a hockey dance. Which is kinda a mix between the Big SHoe Dance, a REALLY bad Brit porn (which FYI was free in Germany! Have I mentioned how much I miss Germany?),  and a cat horking up a hairball. I've seen all 3 and would <3 it if some video savy person would do a video mash up of the them! I don't think he appreciates my hyena/monkey screech laugter though... or the fact that I keep re-reading my blog here and correcting my bad, drunk spelling. Or the fact that I am laughing hysterically at shit I find on THE YOU TUBE. Like Annoying Orange. My kids <3 it. Me- not so much. But that shit is funny when you are drinking! I am having a few cause it's been A.DAY. Don't judge...join me. Hae a few and say "Piss off, YOU DAY!" Cause "Piss off" is the 11 yr old's FAVORITE swear. He was TOTALLY born in the wrong country. Now I am laughing how he got suspended off the bus for a week for telling a kid that called him a faggot that fucks dead people (NO LIE, y'all!) to piss off. And people wonder why I am homeschooling...

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