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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And now for something completely different...

We are new to homeschooling and I am only exploring this new world with my 11 year old since my 8 year old is a social butterfly and LOVES school, which is totally OK. I home school my oldest because he was miserable. We are some of those strange parents that actually give a rat's rear what our kids are watching, reading, and listening to. My oldest was in crisis. He looks like every other kid except he has a conscience. ( not that others don't but I think you get me here.) So he was bullied relentlessly and the school stunk at helping. They shoved him in a behavioral disorders class because they didn't want to take the time to help. we are. New and scared senseless and loving every single second. We made bread the other day. From scratch. With cinnamon AND raisins, he HATES raisins. But he ate it because HE made it. And his smile nearly broke my heart.
It's the little things people. I can get as pissed as I want at the Hubster for his random acts of MAN (read: Incredibly selfish, stupid, insensitive...yadda yadda yadda), but it's the fact that he remembers that I LOVE owls and snowflakes and got me little necklaces of each yesterday. Nothing fancy, but the most beautiful pieces of jewelry because he thought about it. (He was ALSO in BIG trouble so he is almost forgiven.)
It's the joy of my son finding a subject he adores and reading about it for like TWO HOURS and then telling me ALL ABOUT IT. Because everything he does is in capital letters. It's realizing that my 8 year old is ME at 8. Terrified of dying but so joyful in his life! Weird! We watched My Sister's Keeper yesterday and he asked me if he could catch leukemia...poor kid. He comes from a LONG line of worriers! It's spending an hour raking leaves into a huge pile in the backyard we always wanted for them to spend two seconds destroying it by jumping into it howling like two crazy puppies. I get pissed and I get frustrated and I drink more than I should, but it's the beautiful faces and the heart stopping laughter that makes it all worth it. Remember that , y'all. It's the little instances of beauty and wonder and CHILD that count.

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