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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well, color me crazy!

I know I am "home-schooling" but that can't really start until a few things happen... #1 I have to quit my job. Which I did and it sucks cause I liked it, but the last day is next week. #2 The math program needs to get here. #3 I need to be mentally prepared to not murder my son and hide his body in the woods behind the house! OK...if something ever happens to him I know I will be suspect NUMERO UNO, but you have to know I would NEVER actually do anything to hurt the kid. He's actually pretty awesome. He is a smart ass just like his mommy *wipes a tear from her eye*  and is super quick with the snarky comebacks! In short he is my twin and that is why I am FREAKING OUT! I am afraid that we are so the same person that the home-schooling thing is going to blow up in my face. I am afraid that I am going to fail him in a million (more) little ways. I am afraid that he is going to end up as crazy or more so than me. Even though his odds are pretty good there anyway! The good news is...he is still excited about the whole idea. He was singing a little rock song about going to the library today! HUH?!??!! This kid DOES.NOT.LIKE.THE.LIBRARY. And he is excited to go? LET'S GO!!!! He is excited to make a pumpkin pie today. He LOVES YAY! He is making me more excited to teach him. I am not even pushing the issue right now. A little bit of un-schooling will do him good. And hopefully not drive us insane in the process!

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