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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A sign that the world, as we know it, is about to end in a fiery ball of screaming bodies.

I walked away from cupcakes. Not just once but numerous times over the past two days. They have been in one of the Doc's office and I have to go in there to get patient charts and shit. And EVERY time I have to walk right past them. I stopped the first time and thought...
Yes, y'all, I have a history with cupcakes. Well, cake in general. OK...cakes in general and pie...OK STOP JUDGING ME! I have a history with cake, pie, tarts, cookies, candy, brownies, DESSERT IS MY BEST FRIEND! I LOVE IT! I HATE IT! IT MAKES ME IT'S BITCH! But i seriously did not want those little sweet things! Not even a little! Damn good thing too because a Rep brought in fucking creampuffs and eclairs! SHIT!
ps- the creampuffs and eclairs tasted like the were either stale, had been left too long in someone's fridge and had that weird "FRIDGE TASTE" or maybe they were once frozen. And YES I tried them both! (I also chucked them both after one bite. The week continues to be just as shitty as it started)

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