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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seriously?! This is getting to be a REAL problem here!

So, after a week or so of VERY sleepness nights I finally drugged my husband. YES. I. DID. DO. NOT. JUDGE. ME! He drives RIDONKULOUS amounts for work every day. 500+ miles per week for a job that does not appreciate him at all. Thank GOD he retires in a year and a half. But I gave him a Tylenol PM last night cause my ass was tired from his tossing and turning and turning the TV on at O'dark:30 cause he couldn't sleep! And it knocked his ass out! WOOHOO! So much so that at 0430 when his alarm went off...HE. DID. NOT. HEAR. IT. Y'ALL! I practically had to beat him up to get him to turn it off.  Only he hit snooze...EVERY. NINE. MINUTES. FOR. AN. HOUR. DAMNIT!!!!  I guess he finally got tired of the hits to the kidney and head and got up. I fell back into my's been a week My step-dad was in a TERRIBLE accident (he's ok but still has a long road to go) THEN last night my cousin had an emergency appendectomy (again he is ok). ARGHHH!!!! STRESS!!!!! Thankfully everyone is ok. But the hubby was up that early and DID. NOT. MAKE. THE. F'ING. COFFEE. AGAIN! I am seeking legal council.

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