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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkin love is the best love there is!

OK y'all. I LOVE Fall. Like I pretty much HATE the rest of the year. Except winter cause I totally love snow and all and my birthday is in there somewhere, but there is just something about Fall. It's cooler, the colors, the smells, the PUMPKINS! I L.O.V.E. PUMPKINS! Every shape, size and color! So we went to go apple picking and apparently that was done last weekend...SHIT. So we got pumpkins.  Your normal carving type, some blue ones that are going to be pie soon (they are only blue outside- orange inside, but I'd totally eat a blue pumpkin pie cause I LOVE pie almost as much as cake!) I was so just giddy happy over all the pumpkins and crazy gourds and then Scott yells across the patch..."JEN!!! JEN!!! COME HERE QUICK!" I think that a giant punkin has fallen and crushed a child, but no... he has found my dream pumpkin! It is called Fairytale Pumpkin. FOR A REASON! It looks just like Cinderella's carriage! Or the kind of pumpkin you see in movies that you know is not real, but wish it was... WELL IT IS! And it's mine and I LOVE it!

Let me just say that this sucker weighs 33 pounds. 33 pounds of pumpkin love!

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  1. Please don't do dirty things to that pumpkin, or around that pumpkin or on that pumpkin...'cause I'm just not quite ready for that blog.