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Friday, October 29, 2010

I wish you could hear the soundtrack in my head!

I seriously walk around all day with various bits of music BLARING in my head. No lie, y'all. Like when I do something spectacularly awesome I hear...and this is a weird one... this little sound blurb from a Simpson's episode that featured N'SYNC. The one where Bart was in a boy bandOr when Scott is in a bad mood... I hear the Emperor's March from Star Wars... don't care if that is the real title or not, but bet your ass you knew what I meant! When I am on a "field trip" with my kids I hear that little circus know the one. We've ALL heard it! When I screw something up... WAH WAH WAAAAAAHHH. Or... when Nelson says "HAHA". (I've TRIED to put the videos in did NOT work so DEAL WITH IT! We all have our own soundtracks... what's yours?

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