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Friday, October 1, 2010

His fault- Part Deux ( cause I'm global like that!)

So I get home and he is home early from work. SURPRISE! We sit down are talking and joking around and I tell him about the cupcake. He gives me a look...I said "You do realize this is TOTALLY your fault, right?" Him- "How do you figure?" Me- "HELLO?!?!?! Alarm at 4 am for an hour every nine minutes! You need to set that fucker later!" Him- "But I want to get up. You don't understand how hard it is to get up that early. " Me- "You ARE kidding right? I. DON'T. UNDERSTAND.? EVERY. MORNING. I. HAVE. TO. BEAT .THE. SHIT. OUT. OF. YOU. AT. 4 .AM. BEACUSE. YOU. DON'T. HEAR. THE. ALARM. GOING. OFF!!!!"  Him- "Huh? OK." Me- "So you agree the cupcake is your fault?" Him- "Yep. I should be ashamed of myself." Me- "Damn right!" Him- "I should be punished." Me- "Do NOT turn this into something sexual! I am pissed at you for the cupcake!" Him- " What?"
So you see...this is why I eat cake and drink. ALOT.

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