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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you ever want to just grab someone and shake the SHIT out of them?

This here ,y'all, is one of my BIGGEST peeve? No...aggravation? Nope... THIS SHIT JUST CHAPS MY ASS!!! How can someone, with a straight fucking face, look you in the eye and cry poormouth THEN turn around and go by some shit they don't need? Like a $300 purse. Or a P.O.S. truck. Or a fucking car. Or a BIGGER THAN SHIT FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION?!?!? This drives my already monkey nuts ass even crazier! REALLY?!?!?! You cry about not being able to pay your car note or buy food for your kids or whatnot yet your ass somehow finds the moolah to go out and buy that brand new iPhone/pad/pod/fucking Rosie the robot maid. Which, honestly I would buy that if I could. Rosie. Not the iCrap. I just don't get it. Yes, I have a cell phone, which surprisingly MAKES FUCKING PHONE CALLS! Cause isn't that what phones are supposed to do? I can't watch a movie on it. Don't need to...have the BIG FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION. Oh, we paid cash for it. We saved for over a year to get it. Cause that is how you are supposed to do it. Yep...have an iPod too...a Nano. It's HOT pink. It's also 5 years old. And guess what. The little pink bitch still plays music just as well as the latest one with a fucking touch screen/video camera/electric toothbrush. YES, I KNOW that it doesn't have an electric toothbrush. You are missing the point. Or maybe you are not and you are just as pissed as me at these assholes! GOD I hope so. If this blog pissed you off...well, you are OBVIOUSLY in the wrong fucking place sister (or mister) and need to get outta here MACH SCHNELL! Or stick a might learn something.

p.s.- This is not aimed at those of you/us that actually can afford this shit or have saved for it and whatnot.
p.p.s- Did I really need to clarify that?

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  1. LMAO...must be someone who's played the "Woe is me" sob story at your kitchen table at some point in the last 3 months or hit you up for help. Always enjoyable. You need to go tread some mill and burn this ass chapping shit off! LOL!