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Friday, October 29, 2010

Der Kürbis Tod März

Loosely translated... THE PUMPKIN DEATH MARCH! ...OF DEATH!!!!
So, yeah... you may remember a post about pumpkin love... Well, THAT pumpkin is THANKFULLY still with us. Alas, the other, mere mortal pumpkins, are no longer so. Some gave in to the very UN-October heat and melted into my paver walkway. Others put up a brave front and developed a very distinguished white cap. Distinguished until we realized it was MOLD! EWWW!! Still, others faded from a brilliant white to a very undignified yellow. Needless to say, they are now forest critter fodder. Bright side...mystery pumpkin vines in the garden next year!? SO...I, alone, took the BOYS to Heritage Station Vineyards (YEP...) for some pumpkin pickin'! Me- (to the very skinny and uninterested, but still kinda nice, sales GIRL) "Ummm... are those pumpkins out front all you have left?" her- "Yeah...that's it. Oh...unless you want the U-pick em's" me- " Well, yeah, where are those?" her- " See that sandy trail there through the vineyard? Follow it to the pumpkin patch in the hill." me-" GREAT! Thanks!" Now we set out... and pass some animals. A few cold lookin' hens and , WEIRD- a Peacock. Same pen. He looked nervous and was either molting, which given that it is FALL and COLD  is HIGHLY unlikely, or just, well...missing some plumage. Then comes the goats. Now I have a soft spot for goats. I have NO IDEA why. I just do. My littler one asked, "Mom, how come they have cat eyes?" me- "Why." him- "I don't know I was asking you." me- "*sigh* No...WHY do they have cat eyes?" him- "MOM! I WAS ASKING YOU! I DON'T KNOW!" me- "Let's ask your dad."
Moving along...a GIANT cow! Followed by this conversation... "Me "HOLY COW!" (thinking that would get a chuckle) The older one- "Mom, (while shaking his head in shame) cow's have udders. And that one has what looks like a penis so wouldn't that make it a bull?" me- " HEY! Who wants to race to the pumpkin patch?" Damn kids! we are and aren't those tiny orange dots the pumpkins? RUN CHILDREN! RUN! No lie...It took a bit, but mostly cause of the GIANT ...BULL! So we FINALLY get there and I look over my shoulder back towards where I thought the shop should be...wait...that can't be it... that TINY speck of grey? CRAP. OK... "Find you pumpkins boys!" Now the oldest finds his like RIGHT AWAY. Which freaks me out since he is SUPER ANAL RETENTIVE and also must touch EVERY. PUMPKIN.IN.THE.PATCH. But was a victory! And then... there was Aidan's pumpkin. THAT took FOREVER. Now it's getting COLD. And the wind is pickling up and it looks like rain. (side note- I have arthritis in my neck from a car accident and NORMALLY wear a scarf when it is cold and wasn't cold and wet when we got there!) So I am trying to get Aidan his pumpkin and also one for me and the hubs cause we love this stuff too! (side note- His ass was still at "work" year this adventure is TOTALLY his!) So we FINALLY get them...and schlep back. It's easily 5 degrees colder- it was 55 to start smart ass- the wind is in our face and there are little drops of rain just because. Did I mention that I am carrying 32 pounds of pumpkin? we finally get back weigh and pay for the punkins, get the kids in the car, and what do I do... it is a vineyard, y'all... I left my two children in the car and went back in...and bought a to go bottle! Plus a cute wine carrier that says, "Drinks Well With Others!" The kids are happy and I am on my way! HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!

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