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Friday, October 15, 2010

Am I the A**hole here?

It can't be me, can it? I just am a leader in ant-bullshit awareness, right? A vanguard, a beacon to the world that says, SHUT THE AY-EFF UP STUPID PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Right? Or am I that annoying bitchy chick that finds the evil in everything? Is it wrong to point out the obvious assholiness (drop the e add iness and it's a word.) in all that I see? Like, take for instance, the chick all blinged out at the supermarket with her fake bake, plastic tits, and GIANT Coach bag, buying groceries for her dirty, under dressed children with a WIC/Foodstamp card. Did I mention she got into a GIANT Caddy SUV? Or how about the folks that complain of no money and then turn around and buy a $2500 television. Cause you know that shit is WAY more important than your electric bill or food. Or the idiots that ride my ass all the way down the street, then swerve around me just to turn right in front of me. Am I the asshole here? I swear one day I am going to snap and stand in the middle of a store on top of a literal soap box and start preaching the truth to these people. I may need a few translators though since it seems that hardly anyone speaks English anymore.
p.s.- I LOVE that "ass holliness" is actually IN the spell checker!


  1. I think it may be time for you to leave NJ or take some xanax daily, because if you sneak in and snatch my reserved spot on Snapped, I'm going to be seriously pissed.

  2. Whoa, I think there is a liitle telepathy goin on here. I saw that same leather bag and her dirty little brats, along with her skanky assed, overbleached, friend and her 5 snot-nosed, hyperactive rugrats, at OUR local Walmart. Both had over stuffed carts of junkfood and Sundrop!!
    Keep ranting while I find you a soapbox...

    Sorry, can't translate for you, Yo no hablo espanol asi que pueden besarme el culo!!

    (Google translator will translate anything)