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Saturday, September 18, 2010

VOLS, beer, and lectures from the 11 yr old...

There are few things in this world that I LOVE as much as VOLS football. Devils hockey is one, but it's not time yet for that. And we all know I adore my kids, but...this is something different entirely, I <3 it. Like a fat kid <3's cake...well, damn if that's not me too! Now here is the ISH... my kids have told me I am cut off. Meaning... I am not allowed to exceed the 4 beer limit that they have apparently set for me. Now, never mind the fact that I spent COLLECTIVELY over 22 hours in labor with these ungrateful little brats. but, now they have the BALLS to say I am done?!?! WHAT THE AY-EFF? Never mind the fact that I feed these little locusts incessantly and it still is JUST.NOT.ENOUGH. Never mind that I am WORE OUT from thier random projects and practices...but I am somehow not allowed to tie one on today. REALLY??!! WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? (Stewie Griffin voice if you please) PLUS... DAMN IT I PAID FOR IT!!!! AND some of the BEST beers happen in the Fall! I'll be damned! Now...excuse me whilst I pop open another Magic hat hex and watch what's left of the VOLS game.

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  1. Holy. Shit. I become more convinced by the day that we are siamese twins separated by sadistic & abusive parents at birth. My favorite moments are those when my kids have to ask if my lemonade is safe to drink...or if it's for "mommy only". LOL! All I can say to them, is, if it's got a's all mine. And it's all your fault! Hahaaaa!!!