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Monday, September 20, 2010


You know, I think this Monday is going to go down in history. We start the day with two snotty nosed brats. CLosely followed by me nearly killing myself on the attic stairs. And by stairs I mean thin aluminum things that vaguely resemble stairs. Nearly break a friggin ankle on the treadmill cause I was so preoccupied with being pissed at everything from today and yesterday. NOW, and this is the chock full of peanuts icing on my cake of shit... The hubs just heard that his extension was denied. He will be 7 months short of retirement. What does this mean? IT. FUCKING. MEANS. THAT. HE. WILL. BE. SEVEN. MONTHS. SHORT. OF. RETIREMENT. No benefits, no retirement pay. NOTHING.THANK YOU FOR PLAYING FOR THE LAST 19 YEARS AND 5 MONTHS AN FUCK YOU. AWESOME. So thanks US Navy. For wasting my time. For taking that guy I fell in love with and turning him into a complete asshole. Thanks, for continuing to FUCK.WITH.ME after all the time and tears and EVERYTHING. I have given as a loving and supportive spouse. Thanks for keeping complete SHITBAGS in. Those guys that have been caught stealing (now I will have Jane's Addiction stuck in my head all day), doing drugs, getting lower ranked chicks pregnant, going A.W.O.L. Nice choice. No wonder our military is going to hell in a handbasket. So now, we wait. And hope, pray, cross fingers and toes, to see if somehow, someway, some miracle can be performed. If not...I wonder if I can sell an ovary. Kidney on the black market?
~Fuck It All~


  1. the extension denial sucks big hairy balls...but, "and this is the chock full of peanuts icing on my cake of shit..." Oh. My. God. I just feel so in love with this phrase that I had to repeat it out loud. So many times in fact, that my 3 year old is now asking me "Mommy-wayuz the cake a chit?" I'm going to hell. Thank you for upgrading my seat.

  2. LMAO! I am crying right now because of you! First class all the way baby! At least they have Mai Tais on that flight...DON'T THEY?!!

  3. wow..that's some fucking bullshit and a half right there. I hope he gets the extension some how!!

  4. Thanks Ash! He's working on it and so are the officers and shit in the command...we'll see!