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Monday, September 20, 2010


In case you hadn't noticed, I am having a REALLY shitty day. Like, in the history of shitty days this has to be in the top 10...maybe even top 5! If you read the previous blog(s) you'll know why/. Thus, you shall understand my downfall. I took the oldest to one is there. Take him to the other field cause "Oh! YEAH! Mom? It's at the other field." So now not only is my blood pressure WAY too high I am now grinding my teeth. We get there right at 5. No one is there. And I mean no one like tumbleweeds a'tumblin' across the empty fields kinda no one. So we wait. Then we go to leave and are half way down the road...THERE THEY ARE! DAMN.IT. Meanwhile the hubby, who is so far in the dog house he is like ameobas on fleas on rats, is texting me asking my what's going on. Like I have a friggin clue! So he says he'll come and I can take the little guy and head home. HALLELUJAH! Now, I've decided that the only thing going to salvage this day is french fries. Checker's battered, sorta spicy, greasy goodness kinda fries! SHUT UP! I KNOW! I ate those hot little bitches in less than 5 minutes! The little guy says , " Hey , mom where's your fries." Me- "uh...I ate them." Him- "Jeez mom!" Me " STOP JUDGING ME!" No lie that was the conversation with the 8 yr old. He knows I am crazy so it's fine. He did start hiding his fries like he was eating them in prison though. Now I know...I know...terrible right? I had the little voice in my head telling, "Don't eat them, Jen! You've been doing so well!" So you know what I did? I STUFFED A FRIGGIN FRY IN THE LITTLE VOICE'S MOUTH! A fry I stole from the 8 yr old. Nice.

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  1. Bad mommy. Great blog. Please keep screwing up your kids--it's making me feel sooo much better about screwing up mine. :)