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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 1 Redux...

I felt I needed to update a little... I am sporadic at best at these things...I think this is like the 4th blog I have tried to do! A recently rekindled friendship inspired me to do this and to keep at it because like she said, " I have too much funny shit to say!" Some stuff pisses me off. Some stuff makes me cry. Some stuff just makes me shake my head and walk away. But it is all just stuff right? It's nice to know how many friends I have that get me. And I mean REALLY get me. They take me for my smart ass self and make no bones about telling me what I need to hear! THANK YOU TO MY GIRLS (and the few guys that get it!)! You all inspire me in a million different ways! I said earlier that I cleaned house on the whole "friends" thing and I did, and I realized it made room for the friendships I had misplaced to be found, the ones I had neglected to be cherished even more, and the new ones to be nurtured. And from the wreckage arises a new structure! No new beginnings here. Just another thing I tripped over, got skinned up, and am healing from. Isn't that what it's all about? Getting up, dusting yourself off and going on? Some days I stay down and roll around in the dust in my own pain and I think I need to do that to remind myself what it feels like and to not put myself in a position to feel like that again. I am trying to find grace, balance, and forgiveness with all my heart.
Until next time...

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