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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apparently I am the Food Nazi...

So, today, in the midst of cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and then LOVINGLY vacuuming AND steam cleaning the seats and carpet in the HUSBAND'S car...I threw out a bag of Sun all their compostable bag glory. It was in the Prius and in the way... I didn't do it on purpose. So the husband...who was inside playing hockey on the PlayStation...says, "DID YOU THROW OUT MY BAG OF CHIPS?!?!" Me- "ummm...yes?" Him- "WHAT?!?!? You know... SOMETIMES.I.NEED.A.SNACK.ON.MY.LONG.DRIVES.TO.AND.FROM.WORK." Me- "Um, OK. I totally didn't do it on purpose." Him- "You know sometimes it feels like punishment." Me- "What does?" Him- "The way you are about food." Me- "Really? DULY NOTED." No lie, y'all this shit happened. SO...then he took the little guy to his soccer game and I proceeded to salt the eggplant slices, you know to get the bitter juices out, dredge them in flour and make eggplant parm with homemade sauce. FROM SCRATCH. He comes home and we all sit to eat. Him- "This is really good." Me- wait for it.... "HMMmmm. It doesn't taste too much like punishment?" BA- ZINGA!!!!! Asshole. I spend the bulk of my life trying to make and purchase foods that are as close to their original source as possible. That is some time consuming shit, let me tell you. And the results of my being a food Nazi? The allergy issues are almost gone, the stomach issues are gone, the skin issues...also gone. Huh...some f'ing punishment. If anyone is being punished here it's me. And I take it willingly to give my family the best food I can give them. Maybe it's time I was more like the Swiss....

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