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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apparently I am also needy as hell!

So I totally acted the whore and complained on FB about my 200 or so "friends"  that I have and only 3 give a big enough shit to pay attention. And I LOVE the three of you a ton! But would LOVE to see that some other folks in my life want to read what I have to say. I have this crazy notion that I can write and people want to read what I write. Like, they look forward to reading it. They NEED ME. Sick? Weird? YEP...I know.


  1. Oh my sweet, and very needy friend. LOL! So I started mine a couple months ago with the determination that I was NOT going to advertise to family or friends. I was hellbent on finding true fans. And ummm...yeah. So here we are and you are one of my 3 followers (silent stuffed animals excluded). Some days, it makes me sad. But mostly, it just reminds me that perhaps my light is simply to brilliant for this world & RayBan hasn't invented shades with enough UV protection to make it feel safe being in my presence. (Bahaaahaaa--ok, I tried really hard to keep a straight face while I was writing that, but couldn't do it. Not even kidding. I'm about to piss myself, I'm laughing so hard.) Look at it this way...we'll at least have each other. Like the blogosphere's Thelma & Louise!

  2. AWESOME!!! (Imagine me saying this very sing songy! Like the little hamster from BOLT)
    Now...who gets Brad Pitt?

  3. I love, Love, LOVE Rhino!!! And you can have Brad. I have a rule about being with a guy who's thighs are thinner than mine & I'm struggling enough with the fact that I'm breaking said rule for Jason. :)

  4. WhatEVER. BIZNATCH! You better change that to 4!